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ExtraordinaryMPS Volunteers
Theresa Vertuno


Theresa Vertuno is a retired math educator still invested in making a difference for our students at Cityview Elementary.

Twice a week for 3 years, Theresa has been working with students in Michele Chalmeau’s first grade class during math instruction.

According to Ms. Chalmeau, Theresa “not only works academically with students, but she connects with the students socially and emotionally. The students want to be with Theresa when she’s there, and they miss her when she’s not around.”

The consistency shown by Theresa is crucial to the students’ experience. Theresa helps more than just students. “She also helps me grow as an educator,” Michele explains, “We bounce ideas off each other and we team up to make sure student learning is the best it can be.”

Thank you, Theresa, for your consistency, dedication, and willingness to help all of our Cityview family!