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Noreen Fontana


Noreen Fontana volunteers at Loring Elementary School, supporting literacy during her retirement.  

She started volunteering to be helpful for students, and now does it because the children and staff bring so much joy to her life.  Noreen says, 'They smile, they read, they share, they laugh. And, I do the same! It is the best thing I do each week.”

Teacher Krista Lima wrote “She uses the literacy skills and strategies students are learning during Reader’s Workshop to given them 1:1 tutoring sessions. . .she listens to students read, coaches them on word solving and comprehension strategies, plays sight word games, has meaningful conversations about books and helps them make connections to what’s happening in their own lives, motivates them to work hard, and let’s them know she can’t wait to hear them read the next time!”

Noreen, you sound pretty amazing for the students!  And, congratulations on your first selfie!