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Extraordinary MPS Volunteers
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ExtraordinaryMPS Volunteers
Melissa Waskiewicz


Melissa Waskiewicz is a champion volunteer at Burroughs Community School.

Melissa has volunteered for many years, and in many different capacities at Burroughs. During the past four years, Melissa has played a critical role in coordinating the Annual Read-a-Thon’s opening and closing ceremonies.

Ana Bartl, who nominated Melissa for recognition, notes, “Melissa’s work is an integral part of making the Burroughs Read-a-Thon a fun and exciting event for all!”

Melissa is perhaps most well known in the Burroughs community for being the creator and director of the Read-a-Thon skits where 5th grade students make books come alive on stage.

Thank you, Melissa, for being such an all-around asset to our Burroughs students and staff!