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Extraordinary MPS Volunteers
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ExtraordinaryMPS Volunteers
Leroy Leftwich


Leroy Leftwich is an incredibly active volunteer, and he doesn’t let the winter slow him down!

Leroy teaches 4th graders how to ride bikes. Each year, about 30 students learn how to ride a bike with Leroy’s help. During the winter, Leroy volunteers through the Loppet Foundation’s MInne Loppet program where he dedicates two full days per week to teach all 4th and 5th graders how to ski.

Mark Trumper works with Leroy and nominated him to be recognized. “Leroy is a superstar volunteer,” Mark says, “it hurts everyone to disappoint Leroy, so most people listen.”

In the spring, Leroy helps take all 4th graders on a 12 mile bike trip along the Mississippi River.

Thank you, Leroy, for your dedication to the physical well being and enrichment of our Pillsbury students!