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Extraordinary MPS Volunteers
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ExtraordinaryMPS Volunteers
Kenya Hester


Kenya Hester is a Senior Buyer in Procurement and Supply Chain Management at MPS’ Davis Service Center. Kenya loves to help out as much as she can in various MPS schools.

Kenya consistently helps out at large district events like the Back to School Jam in the beginning of the year and the School Fair Showcase in February. Kenya has also volunteered at Southwest High School through the Step-Up Program and has presented during a career fair at Edison High School. Each week, Kenya also volunteers at Northeast Middle School teaching double-dutch in the after school program.

“Kenya is a wonderful asset in many different areas of volunteering within the district,” said Kaylie Burns Gahagan, Volunteer Coordinator for MPS, “she’s reliable and willing to help out wherever she’s needed.” 

Thank you, Kenya, for looking beyond your role to support MPS students and staff!