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Extraordinary MPS Volunteers
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ExtraordinaryMPS Volunteers
John Bulger


"John Bulger is my angel," says Folwell music teacher Patricia Kelly. John is a retired finance professional for the state of Minnesota and a professional bassist. He is at Folwell every Wednesday afternoon to teach bass to students in grades 4-8. Patricia Kelly can't say enough about him. "John comes to Folwell like he has a paid job here. He is never absent without telling us, so the kids know he is reliable and cares about them. He has special books and music just for them and is a tough-love teacher. He really makes them work and doesn't take half-hearted gestures."

In John's own words: "I volunteer because I believe that all students should have a wide selection of educational opportunities and the arts provide a meaningful educational purpose in the development of academic success in all young students. In addition, the arts provide lifelong individual expression and opportunities regardless of careers. Finally, I can provide instruction to motivated students on a really cool instrument, the double bass."

Thank you, John, for being a really cool volunteer!