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Extraordinary MPS Volunteers
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ExtraordinaryMPS Volunteers
Jean Sazevich


Jean Sazevich, supports English language learners at Dowling Elementary School.

Jean works in Stacy Reversion’s classroom, and reads 1-on1 with newcomer students.  Jean says that volunteering is one of the most important ways that she connects with, and witnesses the potential of youth in Minneapolis.  “The ELL students I read with are incredibly capable and so eager to learn.  Their gratitude, talent, and commitment to learning is something I want everyone to understand and appreciate. . . The talent and commitment of their teachers is equally impressive.”

Stacy Severson writes, "Jean has developed a wonderful rapport with each of these students, continually reminding them of the wealth of knowledge they bring from their former countries. . . I know that these refugee students have changed Jean's life, but I know that she has also changed theirs."

Jean, thank you for your celebration of our ELL students!  We appreciate you so much!