Extraordinary MPS Volunteers
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2018 Extraordinary MPS Volunteers

2018 Extraordinary MPS Volunteers

Jason Walker

Jason is a 4th grade volunteer at Nellie Stone Johnson.  "Mr. Jason" has been volunteering for 2 years. He really connects with the students, and genuinely loves to spend time in the classroom. He comes every week with a smile on his face, and will do whatever needs to be done. Last year, he was even able to accompany the class on a field trip. This year, he takes the lead for one of the reading groups on the day he's here, and really challenges students to dig deeper into what they are reading. Staff are very grateful to him for everything he does for staff and students, and the kids love him!

Thank you, Mr. Jason!

Mary Larson

Mary volunteers in a Waite Park kindergarten classroom.  MPS staff say " Grandma Mary has been volunteering in my classroom for 6 years. I have taught 5 of her grandchild and she has volunteered for the year for each one. I have "run out" of her grandchildren to teach and she still comes to my classroom each week. The kindergarteners all call her Grandma Mary and it is a highlight of their week to work with her on phonics skills but the most important part is the one on one conversation with her. It is the highlight of their week and mine too!   She has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. She makes each child feel so special."

Thank you, Mary!

Sam Rislove

Sam volunteers at Jefferson in 7tha nd 8th grade social studies classes. 

Sam is amazing at engaging with all students, and does an excellent job working with our students who are working on their English skills. She is encouraging and helpful, and always gets students to care about the work they are doing.  Thank you, Sam!

Dennis Guillaume

Dennis volunters at Green Central supporting 3rd-5th grade students every Tuesday. In fact, Tuesday is referred to as Mr. Dennis Day. He challenges students in fun, nurturing ways and has never shied away from their diverse developmental challenges.  Thank you, Dennis!

Anne Dixon

Anne volunteers for the Emerson Spanish Immersion program as a 3rd grade ESL teaching assistant.   Anne consistently shows up with a positive and eager attitude to help deliver ESL instruction to our many ELLs in third grade. She connects individually with students, understanding their strengths and areas for growth. Anne also (privately- without recognition) donated a significant amount of money to help two students in financial need attend our annual field trip to Puerto Rico -- just one of the many selfless actions from her during her three years of volunteering weekly with at Emerson.  Thank you, Anne!

Veeti Tandon

Veeti volunteers at Windom Dual Immersion and is ready to help with anything and everything.  She is extremely compassionate when working with the students and the students love her! She is eager to help in all sorts of ways such as attending field trips, gathering donations, helping with special events, and staff appreciation.  Thank you, Veeti!

Mary Johnson

Mary volunteers in 3rd grade classes at Howe.  Mary supposrt students with reading and writing interventions, leads math groups, boosts confidence, and is an all-around fabulous helper.  Mary has dedicated 3 days of her week, every week, to volunteer at Howe for the past two years. She is truly a valuable part of the Howe team  and is loved by the students. MPS staff say they don't know what they would do without her.  Thank you, Mary!

Deb Oleson

Deb volunteers at Sanford as a piano accompanist for the school's choir program.  Staff say " Deb is selfless and completely reliable.  She works with the students tirelessly to provide them with quality music and a quality choral program. It is very difficult to run a rehearsal with over 60 students alone, and Deb comes to class several times a week in all 5 of my classes to provide help. I would be lost without her!"  Thank you for your commitment to MPS, Deb!

Julie Herzog

Julie serves as the kindergarden center manager at Hale elementary.   Julie is a working mom with twin kindergarteners. She volunteers in two different kindergarten rooms each week. She loves coming in to help us rather than going to do something for herself.  She is so kind to the kids while helping them with their academics.  Thank you, Julie!

Jason Goray

Jason serves as a 2nd grade math tutor at Emerson every Friday for the entire school year!  He attentively works with groups of students during math workshop. He has been a great support to both MPS staff and students.  Thank you, Jason!

Scott Rusert

Thank you to Scott Rusert who volunteers in a kindergarten class at Sheridan.  Scott volunteers because “there is no greater joy than seeing the sense of accomplishment on a child’s face as he or she reads or writes a new word or sentence that previously seemed too hard.  Some of my favorite memories are of reading with my now college-age children and volunteering in their classrooms when they were little.  I love being able to relive those experiences with the Kindergartners at the Sheridan School and share in their pride as they unlock the world of learning.”

Thank you, Scott, for your service to MPS students!

Penny Sanderson

Thank you to Lucy Laney volunteer, Penny Sanderson.  Ms. Penny has consistently volunteered in kindergarten at Lucy Laney three or more days per week over the past five years. She leads small learning groups, makes and donates academic learning games, comforts students during times of need, donates warm winter clothing to students, and even supports substitute teachers when kindergarten teachers are out sick. Ms. Penny is truly a gem!

Thank you, Penny, for your dedication to Lucy Laney students and staff.

Hope Esparolini

MPS honors Hope Esparolini who has been volunteering as a 2nd grade reading tutor at Whittier International for the past three years.  Hope volunteers because "I am passionate that all kids learn to read and develop a love for reading. My goal each time I see the 4 delightful second graders I work with is simple: to encourage and celebrate them as they gain reading confidence and know-how. Plus, have fun doing it. It is wonderful to see the same children each week to see their progress and enjoy fun reading together."

Thank you, Hope!

Carrie Dickens

Thank you to Carrie Dickens -4th grade math tutor and mentor and Jenny Lind.  Ms. Dickens has been valuable member of the Jenny Lind team for the last three years, supporting students with multiplication and division, and serving as a caring and positive role model. When "Grandma Carrie" she comes to the classroom, the students light up and they all want her to sit next to them.  Carrie says " I enjoy working with children I'm amazed by what they say about everything! And now that all my children are grown, I decided to go back to school and get my GED so volunteering at Jenny Lind Elementary School is also helping me with my school work."

Thank you Grandma Carrie!  We are so lucky to have you as a volunteer.

Ron Goldser

Thank you to Webster super-volunteer Ron Goldser.  Ron volunteers 3 times a week supporting kindergarteners with reading and writing in the Literacy Lab.  He also serves as the school's Volunteer Coordinator where he recruits, trains, and schedules all other school volunteers.  Staff note that Ron really cares for the students as individuals and really helps those in need extra emotional support.   Ron says "there is no greater way to give back than to teach kids, in small groups or one-on-one, the basic skills they need to contribute as they grow up. It’s one thing to be an organizer, and that’s important, but it is much better to be hands on with lives you can directly influence in a positive direction."

Thank you for everything that you do, Ron.  We couldn't do it without you!

Robert Yurecko

Robert Yurecko volunteers at Cityview as a kindergarten reading math and writing tutor.  Robert has been a consistent volunteer for the past 14 years!  He volunteers 3-4 days a week, working with students one on one and small groups. He comes to school daily with enthusiasm and a positive mindset, ready to share learning and life skills with students.Robert says that seeing the growth of each student as the year goes by makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you for your commitment to Cityview students, Robert!

Angus Vaughan

Angus Vaughan is a fantastic volunteer from Justice Page.  Angus volunteers 4 days a week supporting newcomer middle school students as they learn English.  Students love working with him and can't wait for him to be back in class.  He is truly a part of the school community and you can often find him at out-of-school events like ELL Family Night.  Thank you, Angus!

Mary Jorgensen

 Mary Jorgensen is a dedicated volunteer at the Assistive Technology Center (ATC) at North Star.  Mary helps design, build, and modify adapted equipment for MPS special education students.  Mary says "I volunteer at the ATC Woodshop because it is very satisfying to see all of the people work together from start to finish to do whatever the children need to fulfill their needs. This group of volunteers work together like a well-oiled wheel."  Thank you, Mary!

Jim Hingeley

Thank you to Jim Hingeley, a longtime volunteer at Nellie Stone Johnson who tutors 4th and 5th grade students in reading and math.  As a retired high school teacher, Jim has dedicated his life to helping all students learn.  Staff say that Mr. Higeley allows the students to learn at their pace and is patient, flexible, consistent, and kind.  He knows the students well and brings in books and other materials that he knows they'd be interested in. 

Jim- thank you from everyone at Nellie Stone Johnson.  We are so lucky to have you as a volunteer.