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Thank you, Donors!
Thank you, Donors!
Volunteer MPS

Thank you to all of our donors, big and small!
Your contribution to Volunteer MPS will allow us to continue recruiting, training, placing, and supporting volunteers to help students of all ages in the Minneapolis Public Schools.

How to Donate:

There are two great ways to donate to MPS Volunteer Services!

  1. AchieveMpls.org
    a. Go to AchieveMpls.org's Online Donation Form
    b. Under "Designation" select "MPS School, Program, or Fund"
    c. Type in "Volunteer Services" in the text field. 
  2. Mail in Check
    a. Write your donation check to "AchieveMpls"
    b. Memo the check to "Volunteer Services"
    c. Checks can be mailed to:

111 3rd Ave South #5
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2510

We truly appreciate your help and consideration!

Why Donate to Volunteer MPS?

Volunteers help in many ways that are unique to the needs of individual schools, classrooms and students. There are on average 7,000 volunteers who give their time to MPS each year.

Volunteer MPS trainings are presented by MPS staff and materials are district-approved to spread effective tutoring and homework strategies. We have seen test scores improve of those students who get weekly tutoring and attention in their academic studies.

The support from community members has been our greatest asset. Donations help us keep tutor trainings and resources available year-round and frequent so our volunteers are prepared and able to aide a student by using district-approved tutoring and homework strategies.