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Extraordinary MPS Volunteers
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ExtraordinaryMPS Volunteers
Deb Oleson


Deb Oleson has been accompanying our students at Sanford and Field for more than twelve years!

Deb volunteers each day at one of two schools, sharing her talents as a wonderful piano player with students and staff. As an accompanist, Deb assists the choir at Sanford and the orchestra at Field.

“Unlike other accompanists, who come for a few rehearsals before a performance, Deb dedicates herself to Sanford 3 days a week, playing for rehearsals regularly,” says Tara Finne, the music teacher that nominated Deb for her work at Sanford.

Kim Hotchkiss, music teacher at Field, notes, “Deb is an amazing piano player and chooses to spend her retirement coming to schools to share her talent!”

Thank you, Deb, for your consistency and dedication in serving our students!