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Criminal Background Check Information
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Criminal Background Check Information
Criminal Background Check Information

Criminal background checks are required for some, not all, volunteers, depending on the job that they will perform. In general, a volunteer who will be interacting with students in an unsupervised setting need to fill out a background check. For more details, please see the volunteer screening levels and regulations.

The criminal background check must be filled out by hand and costs $5 to process. If a volunteer fills out the background check at school, you may send them via interdistrict mail to Rowan Mcdeid in HR at the Davis Center. Volunteers may also mail in the background checks if they are notarized. For questions, please contact Rowan Mcdeid. Volunteer MPS does not process background checks.

Criminal Background Check Form

Criminal Background Check- Spanish

Data Privacy Letter - the fourth page of the criminal background check is an agreement to keep students' data privacy.