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Betty Jane Reed Award
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Betty Jane Reed Award
Betty Jane Reed Award

The Betty Jane Reed Award was initiated in 1988 in recognition of the contributions B.J. Reed made to children and education in the Minneapolis Public Schools after her retirement.

Betty Jane Reed (1921-1995) was a Minneapolis educator, author, poet and mentor. Known as B.J., she worked as an administrator for the Minneapolis Public Schools. In 1965 she founded the CRV (Community Resource Volunteer) program, which made entertainers, crafts people, professionals, civic leaders and other working adults part of the public and parochial school curriculum by giving classroom presentations.

CRV later merged with WISE to become the WISE Resource Volunteer Program (known today as Volunteer MPS). B.J. retired in 1981, but continued to help the WISE program. The B.J. Reed Award is given annually to someone who epitomizes the contributions and positive impact of the many excellent volunteers throughout Minneapolis Public Schools.

Volunteer MPS would like to congratulate the 2013 nominees:

  • Chloe Senchuk, Nellie Stone Johnson
  • Daehryl Lafayette-Lampley, Andersen
  • Daniel Earl Thompson, Jr., Anishinabe
  • David Seibel, Anwatin
  • Edward Spears, Hiawatha
  • Gladys Chelte, Pratt
  • Greg Orvik, Bethune
  • Jim Sundlin, Marcy Open
  • Karen Petersen, Minneapolis Adult Education
  • Maria Henly, Wellstone
  • Mary Aitkins, Lucy Craft Laney
  • Mildred Miller, Folwell
  • Norma Booker, Lucy Craft Laney
  • Paula Swanson, Folwell
  • Rachel Johnson, Jefferson
  • Shirley Redditt, Andersen
  • Vicky Christy, Jenny Lind


2013 Betty Jane Reed Award Recipients

Daehryl Lafayette-Lampley has volunteered with the students, faculty, and families of Andersen United Community School for four years. Daehryl works in a second grade classroom on Mondays and Tuesdays, supporting students in reading and math with small group interventions. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, he works with fifth grade classes, working one-to-one with ELL students in math, reading, writing and social studies. Outside of the classroom, Daehryl is involved as an active member and leader of the Parents United for Student Success PTO group. He connects with businesses and community organizations to support the programming at Andersen by leading various events to raise funds for student activities. You can find him volunteering at the Mall of America and serving at the Andersen School Carnival. Daehryl has been instrumental in the success of the students and the community of Andersen.

Mildred Miller has served with the community of Folwell Performing Arts for 10 years as an intergenerational volunteer. Each Tuesday and Thursday morning she arrives, smiling, ready to help with reading, comprehension, math, and poetry. Mildred continues to attend literacy trainings offered by the district and shares her strategies learned in the classroom to best support the students. Passionate about travel, adventure, and cultural learning, Mildred often brings “travel garbage” such as wrappers, train tickets, coins and more to engage the students in the places she has visited. At the end of the year students write reflections in their journals about what they liked best about second grade.. To no surprise, the best part of second grade was "working with Grandma Millie".

2013 Betty Jane Reed Award Recipients
2013 Betty Jane Reed Award Recipients