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Returning Volunteers:

- You know your relationship with the teacher/school best. If you made arrangements to begin at the very beginning of the school year, feel free to make that happen. 

- Many teachers need a couple of weeks with their students before introducing volunteers into the classroom. If you don't have prior arrangements to start right away, consider waiting to connect with your teacher until the beginning to middle of September.

- Get to know those students' names! Using a child's name when speaking to them is a volunteer best practice and a great way to begin building relationships!

New Volunteers:

- Make sure that you've been oriented as a volunteer! If you haven't, email Kaylie to sign up for a fall orientation session.

- Give it time - just like returning volunteers, new volunteers should wait a few weeks before requesting to jump into the classroom. Some schools can take volunteers immediately, but expect to wait for students and schools to settle in.

- Jump in! Don't limit yourself to what you think volunteering at a school should look like. Try volunteering in a new neighborhood, new subject matter, or in an afterschool program to get a little bit outside your comfort zone! Teachers will begin requesting volunteers after the first few weeks of school - make sure to check our website for updated volunteer opportunities!

- Advocate for yourself. Schools won't know where to place you if you aren't able to indicate your interests! Before inquiring about becoming a volunteer, do some research and find where your true interests lie. Not interested in volunteering in trigonometry? Then what would you like to do?