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About Volunteer MPS
About Volunteer MPS

Volunteer MPS is a program within the Department of External Partnerships in Minneapolis Public Schools that develops volunteer programming, supports current volunteers, and maintains partnerships between schools and other community organizations.  

Volunteers play an important role in Minneapolis Public Schools. Every day local college students, family members, and individuals from the community bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and patience into our schools while assisting teachers, staff, and students. They encourage students and inspire them to reach their potential. With over 70 schools across the city, there are innumerable opportunities for community members to get involved and make a difference. Additionally, these volunteers experience a sense of fulfillment and pride in helping to improve our schools for everyone in the community.


Volunteer MPS actively supports the learning and achievement of all students in Minneapolis Public Schools.

We provide training to community volunteers who engage in meaningful volunteer assignments which promote successful outcomes for students and teachers.


Volunteer MPS actively strives to engage community members and families as volunteers in support of our schools and students. Volunteer MPS envisions strong, meaningful relationships between the community and our schools.